Our story started in 1952 while our founder Seyfiddin POLAT was working in a small shoe atelier. After spending in the traditional handicraft shoemaking trade, his passion led him to establish his workshop in Istanbul in 1971

Its knowledge, high-quality materials, and extraordinary hand quality became a brand with its production factory in 1995, and its reputation spread to many countries. We interact with our customers, understand and address their needs, thanks to our web sales channels, both retail and wholesale. We have been multiplying in the e-commerce sector with our innovative attitude and product quality since 2013, with OGGI, our visible face in the shoe industry, where we take part as a manufacturer and seller in line with the needs of our customers. At OGGI, we will continue to be an ideal choice with our unique designs for season trends, our product range, and our understanding of quality.

We are racing towards becoming an innovative, creative, and leading platform that brings a different breath to the shoe industry. Adding not only elegance but also value and hand labor to shoes, OGGI brings a modern, energetic, and dynamic perspective to the sector with its masterful touch.

We are with you every day with our exports to 5 Continents in the world, our experience, and our quality.

OGGI, a manufacturer company for wholesale, is also available for wholesale purchases of the products. We are a reliable alternative in the wholesale sector for businesses that have a career in the shoe industry.


Our Mission According to our customers' needs, our effectiveness in national and international markets, and our strong productivity trends in Turkey have become a global brand. Our vision We produce comfortable, comfortable, and quality products suitable for daily use. Our Values Our 'must-have' are; openness, honesty, transparency, reliability. We focus on customer satisfaction. We work with knowledge and labor, and we move forward by measuring. We take care to do the best with a good team. We encourage creative thinking and being innovative. We own the work we do. We aim at a regular, systematic, and sustainable structuring.



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